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The Beloved Beehive | Sew-In Braid Pattern

The Beehive Braiding Pattern For SewIns

If you're no stranger to the world of sew-ins, chances are you're well-acquainted with the classic braiding technique known as the "beehive." This is an “old-school” method that, when executed with precision, promises a flat and secure foundation for hair weaving. Drawing from my extensive experience both as a stylist creating this braid pattern for clients and as someone who can expertly beehive their own hair, I've observed more than just an effective sew-in base.

In fact, there's a remarkable connection between the beehive braiding pattern and enhanced hair growth and length retention of the natural hair strands. This unique method seems to create a nurturing environment for the scalp and hair, possibly contributing to overall hair health. Not only have I witnessed this firsthand, but my clients have also been quick to request the beehive sew-in base for both partial and full installations, given that it is conducive to the overall style and look they'd like to achieve.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of the beehive braid pattern, exploring what sets it apart and how you can harness its potential for achieving your desired look. Whether you're aiming for a protective style that promotes hair growth or seeking the perfect foundation for a flawless sew-in, the beehive might just be the answer for you.

Beehive Braid Pattern | Pros and Cons


The beehive method boasts several advantages, foremost among them being its ability to promote hair growth and retain hair length by minimizing stress and tension on the hairline and edges. Additionally, this braid pattern endures frequent hair washing effectively because there is only one braid that is not cornrowed to the scalp, resulting in reduced unraveling, matting, or tangling of the natural hair beneath the weave. Another positive aspect is that this braid pattern is the easiest and quickest to remove when it's time to "uninstall" your weave—simply unravel the braids in the opposite direction of the pattern. Uninstalling or unbraiding the beehive also proves to be a therapeutic process if I may say so myself!



Potential drawbacks of the beehive method include the risk of creating an uneven base if not executed with precision. Additionally, it may not be suitable for certain desired styles. For instance, if you aim for a finished look with a deep swoop bang or prefer an "L-shape" part as your stationary parting, the beehive might not be the ideal braiding base to compliment your sew-in for the desired overall appearance.


Beehive Braid Pattern | Tips and Tricks

For a flat and enduring beehive foundation, opt for smaller braiding sections or finer braids when dealing with thick or long hair. This helps reduce the bulk of the braid and the overall foundation for the sew-in. If dealing with thin or short hair, consider using a hair weaving net atop the beehive foundation. The net compensates for any gaps or large spaces between the braids, serving as an additional base for sewing on the wefts. Once the braided beehive is finished, you'll have one dangling braid that can either be sewn to the cornrow or tucked underneath and through the cornrow using a crochet needle.

If you desire to have a middle part or a side part, but would still like to incorporate the beehive, then it is best to do a double beehive which is an advanced braiding pattern that will enable a little more versatility for the overall style of the sew-in.

With your enhanced understanding of this unique and time-honored hair-weaving foundation, you can make a more informed choice to determine whether the beehive weaving technique aligns best with your hair objectives. It's essential to note that this is just one of numerous braided foundation techniques for achieving a seamless sew-in. Further exploration awaits in another blog. Nevertheless, if you're looking to have a professional sew-in weave installed in the South Florida area, your quest concludes right here. Schedule a visit to our salon today, conveniently situated near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and easily accessible within a 60-minute drive from Miami, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton, Florida. Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation to obtain further details on enhancing your appearance and reaching your hair-related objectives.