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Silk Press for Natural Hair

by Gloria Kelley

Silk Press for Natural Hair

Silk Press, what exactly is it? The silk press is the modern day Press-and-Curl, a temporary sleek and straightened and/or thermal curl for the Naturalista! Think, a relaxed look with out the chemicals of a relaxer.


The silk press is a favorite amongst  women with natural hair who wants to achieve a temporary straight or loose curl look. Therefore opting for a silk press which doesn't involve any permanent changes due to chemical processing. The silk press is achieved by thoroughly washing the hair, deep conditioning or applying a treatment to properly moisturize the hair, then blow dried straight, trim or cut if needed, followed by pressing the hair with a flat iron, finished off by styling with a curling iron.

Before and after silk press on 4c natural short hair

The silk press will cost anywhere from $80-$280 depending on the thickness and length of your hair, as well as the stylists experience with silk presses on natural hair.

The silk press should not destroy your natural curl pattern nor is it meant to last for more than 2 weeks, as your hair will eventually revert to its natural state due to moisture in the atmosphere, natural oils from your scalp and product build up over time. However the silk press is a great option for those who'd like to temporarily wear their hair straight, loosely curled or just check the process of their hair growth (a "length check").

Before and After: Back-view of Silk Press

Tips for a flawless Silk Press:

  1. Less product is better! You don’t want to weigh down the strands of the hair. Don’t worry about trying to cover up dull dry looking hair as the deep conditioning process will take care of dry looking hair. The key is for your hair to have a natural moisture content, and move and flow with ease. Think light weight hair, that effortlessly blows and flows with the wind!
  2. Use clarifying shampoo, to strip your hair of debris, product buildup and oil. We only want the natural oils from your scalp to play a part in this service, eliminate all heavy oils. Again, we want lightweight bouncy hair!
  3. "Dust" or trim, in most cases it is crucial to get rid of dead ends or split ends, because this can hinder the movement in the hair as well as cause the hair to become limp, and eventually lead to tangling or breakage while your hair is straightened and once your hair reverts back to its curl and natural state. Let go of the dead weight!
  4. Maintain your hair! By wrapping, roller-setting or pin-curling your hair before you go to bed. Develop a nighttime routine to maintain your silk press.

Learn more about my special techniques on how I achieve a flawless silk press while maintaining the health of the hair, and ensuring a 2 week wearability.


Gloria Kelley
Gloria Kelley


Gloria Kelley is a professional hairstylist who specializes in healthy-haircare, hair weaving, and wig-making.

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